Our Story

The inspiration for Dr. Walt’s Company originated in 2017 after searching for natural products that would calm irritable skin due to eczema. While there were options over the counter and at local markets, the quality and accessibility were of concern. The intention was to be as natural as possible while seeking ingredients for the concoction.

The founder was inspired by the mentorship of Cecelia Miller, The Coffee Lady, who believes in herbs as a pathway to health and wellness. While spending time with Mother Cecelia, Walter became curious. How could plants help with eczema and other skin-related issues? We would like to think that the inspiration really stemmed from conversations over…coffee.

The first batch of body butter was made June 2018 in Walter’s kitchen, using shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and just a little essential oil. After a trip to Eutawville, SC to vend at a local event, he nearly sold out. From there, he knew something was special about his products. Dr. Walt’s officially launched for business in October 2018.

Moisturizers and skin cleansers are part of everyday life, and we can get the benefits without the toxic chemical, which often causes adverse effects. It doesn’t take all the extra stuff. At, Dr. Walt’s Company, we value natural and organic plant-based ingredients as a solution to self-care. While our products are plant-based, some soaps and butters may contain organic honey and milk or fragrances to enhance the natural experience.

Brand Mantras

It’s the lather and sheen for me.

No more crunchy lips.


Love yourself first.

Self-care is everything

Thank you for being amazing.


Our Mission

Dr. Walt’s mission is to create plant-based body products for healthy skin. Using therapeutic grade essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients, our products are handmade for all skin types.